Capital Return Opportunity provides Asset Management services aiming to increase investment value and optimize asset performance by:

Implementing the defined Asset Management strategy

Investigating, reporting and making recommendations to the investor for action to be taken and implementation of any action approved by the investor

Coordinating and managing all carefully chosen external service providers: work companies, brokers, architects, lawyers, insurers, banks, accountants, tax specialists

Defining value added Capex and refurbishment programs (innovative works, energy efficiency, environmental certifications)

Arranging for all necessary planning permission, building and other permits in relation to any asset refurbishment

Coordinating and managing the professional team throughout any refurbishment

Challenging property and facility managers to optimize assets charges

Emphasizing the tenant key relationship (retention, eviction, letting campaign)

Supervising, monitoring and assisting solicitors in the preparation of draft leases and pre-lease enquiries

Negotiation with potential tenants

Quarterly detailed reporting to the Investor

Liaison with tax and national administration, auditors

Setting up the adapted sale strategy (structure, targeting optimal buyers, marketing)

Actively searching potential buyers and directly contact them

Supervising, monitoring and assisting solicitors and notaries in the preparation of draft pre-contracts and sales contracts

Conducting negotiations with potential buyers

Monitoring successful applications through to completion        

Advise, throughout the sales programme, on the most effective methods to obtain the best purchaser at the best price reasonably possible